Bliss + Blues = Bipolar

Bipolar disorder is a medical condition that adversely inflates a person’s emotional ups and downs. The author was diagnosed with it after attending Harvard, and spent over two decades battling it.

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About the Author

Jason W. Park is the author of two memoirs and a number of short stories and personal essays. His writings typically revolve around the hero’s journey: overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, exerting heavy, strenuous effort, and emphasizing the changed moral fibre of the protagonist.

Other Publications

Short Stories & Personal Essays

The Piano Is Your B.F.F. Kindle Edition

How could an inanimate object such as a musical instrument bring more to a relationship than a human being?

The Australian Wager: A True Short Story

When two colorful characters in a cigar bar start arguing about the capital of Australia, there's sure to be fireworks.

Full Moon Chess with a Romanian Kindle Edition

On a night of a full moon, a friendly match of chess in a cigar store between an Old World Romanian and a New World American.

Late Night Visit from the Boys and Girl in Blue

When the author hears a dull thudding late at night from outside his LA apartment, he knows no good can come of it.

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